Whooping cough is on the rise!

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The first signs of Whooping cough are similar to a cold. However, after about a week, you or your child:
* will get coughing bouts that last for a few minutes and are worse at night
*may make a “whoop” sound
*may have difficulty breathing after a coughing bout
*may bring up thick mucus, which can make you vomit

Treatment depends on your age and how long you have had the infection:
*if diagnosed within 3 weeks you will be given antibiotics. These will not reduce the symptoms, but the course should be completed
*if you have had Whooping cough for more than 3 weeks you are no longer contagious and do not need antibiotics
*Hospital treatment is needed if you have severe Whooping cough, or your baby is under 6 months old and has Whooping cough

The Whooping cough vaccine helps protect babies and children from getting it. That’s why it’s important to have all the routine NHS vaccinations.