Non NHS Medical Services

Some services provided by the practice are not covered by the NHS therefore you will be asked to pay a fee. A list of our current charges is available from Reception.

The fee is required to be paid prior to the time of the examination.

Payment is by cash or cheque only (cheques payable to Green Valleys Health).

If you need a doctor to complete and sign a medical report or other form, please note that we have a 30 day turnaround for these requests. This is because our doctors have limited time for paperwork, and have to prioritise work related to patients that they have seen in clinics.  Please ask us if you need something more urgently, but we cannot always guarantee a quicker response.

Non NHS Services Include

  • Some Travel vaccinations (including yellow fever)
  • DNA testing
  • Medicals for employment and Large Good Vehcile (LGV) driving
  • Private Medical Assessment Reports
  • “Blue Badge” applications
  • Private sick notes
  • Private consultations for non NHS patients

Firearms Certification and Renewal Reports

The Partners at Green Valleys Health have made the decision that they will not be completing Firearms Certification or Renewal reports as they do not ethically approve of these requests and therefore are entitled to refuse to carry out these reports due to these ethical beliefs.