Video Consultations

Update on GP Appointment Availability

We are now providing video consultations with the leading online GP provider, Push Doctor. This means there will be more appointment availability for our patients to access NHS GPs via video appointment, with the option to receive prescriptions, sick notes and referrals from the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you.

The practice remains open as normal for telephone and face to face consultations; video appointments are simply an additional, complimentary service for those who would prefer to be seen from home, and are usually available quicker than standard telephone or face to face appointments.

Find more information about How Video Consultations Work. We hope you welcome this expansion and modernisation of our services as openly and enthusiastically as we do.


The practice will still offer access to our usual GPs, the Push Doctor service is an additional option for a GP appointment.  It allows Green Valleys Health to offer more capacity at a time when patients are struggling to get access to GP services.

Push Doctor should NOT be used in urgent situations or medical emergencies.

If you think that your situation, or someone else’s, is or might become an emergency, you should IMMEDIATELY STOP using (or trying to use) the service and call 999.

You should also CALL 999 in a critical or life threatening situation, such as if someone has:

Difficulty breathing

Severe bleeding

Severe chest pain

Loss of consciousness

Acute confused state

Fits or seizures that aren’t stopping

If you or someone else is having what you believe to be a heart attack or stroke, you should CALL 999 immediately.

Go STRAIGHT TO NHS ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY if you think you or someone else is in an urgent or emergency medical situation, you should not use Push Doctor in situations like these.

If you’re registered with one of our surgeries, aged 18 or over and have a valid UK address and a UK mobile number, you can sign up and book a Push Doctor appointment.

You will be required to show appropriate identification before your appointment can go ahead. Forms of ID that we accept include:


Driving licence and Provisional driving licence

UK Disabled Driver card

Military Identification card

Police Warrant card

While waiting for your doctor to connect, you will be invited to either upload a picture of your ID or take an all new picture there and then, leaving more time for your GP to diagnose and advise. Please note that the identification image will be deleted immediately after your consultation has ended.

If you’re using an iOS (Apple) device, either click here or search for ‘Push Doctor’ in the App Store.

If you’re using an Android device, either click here or search for ‘Push Doctor’ in Google Play.

You are also able to consult using the Google Chrome browser on your laptop.

Not if you don’t want to, however this will depend on what device you are using to consult. If you are using a laptop or a computer, then you can have your digital consultation via the web page. If you are using a mobile phone to consult though, you will need to download the app to have the best experience.

You can still use Push Doctor through their website. You lose nothing by doing so, we only show the experience of using Push Doctor on a smartphone screen because that is the most popular option for patients.

You’ll speak to one of our NHS trained UK GPs over video or text chat. Just like in a traditional consultation, you will discuss your symptoms, medical history and any other details you want to make the doctor aware of.

Our GPs can treat almost all of the physical and mental health conditions that traditional GPs can. The What Push Doctor GP Treat page breaks down the specifics, but nine out of ten patients get the help they need first time.