Emersons Green Medical Centre, Leap Valley Surgery and Abbotswood Surgery
Telephone 0117 9576 470

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Update on the telephone system.

An update on the telephone system and call numbers.

Update on the telephone system.


We have recognised that some patients still struggle to get through to us via the phone. As a reminder, the new phone number is 0117 9576 470.


We thought it may be useful to provide some background as to why it is difficult to get through at times. Our new phone system gives us the ability to monitor how many calls are coming into the practices. Below are details on how many calls we have received in total over the last few months:


April: 49,215

May: 86,001

June so far (up to 9th of June): 33,450


We have seen a steady increase in the volume of calls month on month. Below is a further breakdown of the approximate number of calls received on a Monday, which is by far the busiest day for calls:


Monday 26th of April: 8000

Monday 10th of May: 8000

Monday 24th of May: 14,000

Monday 7th of June 16,000


While we appreciate it is frustrating when you cannot get through, please do not take this out on our reception staff, they are working hard to answer as many calls as possible. As Mondays are the busiest day we would ask patients to consider if they could call on another day of the week when possible. The situation at Green Valleys Health is not unique. The demand on general practice is unprecedented and we would also encourage patients to look at self-help options or getting pharmacy advice before calling.