Avoid the 2pm rush!

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Our routine appointments are available from 2pm on a Wednesday. However, we are finding that there is a 2pm rush from our patients to get booked in, either on the phone or coming into Reception in person. Consequently, our patients are finding themselves in a long queue, which must be frustrating, and which may be preventing a patient needing urgent care from getting through to us.

As advised in our 4.1.24 post, can we remind you we have recruited 5 new GP’s and have brought our routine appointments within a 2-week period from booking. There are now lots more appointments available to you.

Therefore, there shouldn’t be any need to come into the surgery or phone the surgery promptly at 2pm on a Wednesday.

Can we respectfully suggest you stagger your call or visit to us to avoid any unnecessary waiting time for you and to help us manage our patients’ priorities.

Alternatively, why not use e-consult to book your appointment. This is available to use throughout the working day and avoids you waiting in any queue. Details can be found on this website.

Your support with this is very much appreciated.