Diabetic Team Summary

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The Diabetic team at Green Valleys Health consists of 3 nurses, Alex Hunt, Ellie Lyons and Andrew Parry, and the Care Co-ordinators team. The nurses work across all three sites: Abbotswood, Leap Valley Surgery and Emersons Green Medical Centre. The team help to support patients living with a diagnosis of diabetes, a long-term condition requiring close monitoring of blood glucose levels, blood pressure, kidney function and cholesterol management.

The team will provide a yearly review which consists of a 30-minute health care assistant check followed up a few weeks later with a 30-minute diabetic nurse review. They may ask to see patients more frequently depending on what is discussed during the consultation. Management of diabetes includes but is not limited to lifestyle and dietary advice, education, counselling, and medication recommendations.

-The HCA will help to book the nurse follow up at this appointment, this can be booked with Alex, Ellie, or Andrew. 

The 30-minute healthcare assistant (HCA) check consists of:
-Blood Pressure
-Blood Test
-Foot check

-Urine Test (important for patient to bring this along to their appointment) 
An early morning urine sample is required for this appointment- Please avoid alcohol, heavy exercise, and a high protein meal the night before.

The results of the health check will be reviewed and discussed along with any questions during the appointment with the diabetic nurse.

Early prevention and intervention can prevent and/or delay the damage that diabetes can potentially cause. The team offer personalised targets and care plans, as we know we are all on individual paths.

If there are any barriers or concerns about attending an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact the Care Co-ordinators on 0117 957 6470, option 6. Alternatively you can use the e-consult feature on our website, found here https://www.greenvalleyshealth.nhs.uk/practice-information/gp-online/