QOF – Quality & Outcome Framework

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QOF is a framework that GP’s implement to ensure “good practice” in their surgeries.

QOF is an annual process for the surgery, patient’s that may be on a QOF register include: – asthma patients, diabetics, patients with heart failure, chronic heart conditions, mental health, learning difficulties, depression, hypertension to name a few.

Patients that are on the QOF register will receive a link (normally around their birth month) to enable them to book in for their annual review, these reviews must be carried out between 1st April – 31st March, however due to important deadlines we require reviews to be done by the end of December, therefore if your birth month falls between January – March these will be done throughout the year to avoid a build up of reviews towards the end of the deadline.

Should you be sent a link that you are unable to open, please let the surgery know and we can arrange an alternative way of booking in your annual review or completing & returning your form.