Information for Trans (transgender) Patients

Changing Your Name

Simply complete a change of name request form and give it to reception. We will ask to see proof of a name change (such as a deed pole or marriage certificate) along with photographic evidence. If you can not provide this evidence, please call reception to discuss this further.

Changing Your Title

You can change your title from Mr to Mx, or Miss, Mrs, Ms to Mx without changing your gender

If you want to change your title from Miss, Mrs, Ms to Mr, or Mr to Miss, Mrs, Ms. You will have to change your gender on your NHS records too.

Changing Your Gender

You can do this at any time, by completing a gender change form and you do not have to have undergone any form of gender reassignment treatment. You must be aware that changing your gender will mean you will be allocated a new NHS number, and your pre-exisiting NHS number will no longer be accessible or be reversible. Your previous notes will be merged to your new notes, minus any previous identity information.

*unfortunately the NHS only accepts a male or female gender for registration and for gender change currently, if you wish to choose non binary or other, we can add an alert to your notes, so we as a practice know your preferred gender. Without a male or female gender we cannot register you or change your gender as Primary Care Services England (PCSE) will reject the application. Sadly, this is out of our hands, but we and others across the UK have raised this issue to get the system changed, when will this be, we do not know. We do understand your frustrations. 

We as a practice will ensure you get called in for your screening opportunities as long as you stay registered with us, but we do need to know your assigned gender at birth to ensure you get called in at the right time. NHS screening Guidance for Trans Patients further information can be found at Information for trans and non binary people and at I’m trans or non-binary, does this affect my cancer screening?

A new NHS number can take over 4 weeks to come through to us, once we notify PCSE. Once we receive your new NHS number, we will create a new registration for you at the practice within 5 days, and will aim to merge your old records to your new records in a timely manner.  You should be informed of your new NHS number by PCSE. If you do not receive, please contact us and we can give it to you. You may need to inform any hospitals you are under of your new NHS number so they can update your records.

Adoption and Gender Reassignment Processes 10/02/2021