Registering With us

Accountable Named GP for All Patients

All patients registered at the Green Valleys Health have a named doctor (GP) who has overall responsibility for your care and support. Your registered GP is also your named accountable and your allocated GP. Your allocated GP will be responsible for the provision of your healthcare. If you choose to see another doctor at the surgery you are entirely free to go on doing so exactly as before.

If you are unsure of who is your named Doctor please ask at reception.

New patients are allocated a Doctor on Registration.

How to Register as a Patient

Step 1: Check Catchment Area

Please contact reception to find out if you live within our catchment area.

Step 2: Print off and complete both of the following forms for each person wishing to register:

We will need you to fully complete and sign both forms before you can be registered. This will enable us to obtain your records from your previous surgery before you next need advice or treatment.

Bring the fully completed and signed forms with you to the practice together with two forms of identification for each person. A photo ID such as your driving licence or Passport and a utility bill with your address on it are the common forms of identification used. There are other suitable forms of identification we accept as alternatives, please ask at reception for details.

To register we require photo identification (ID) (passport, drivers licence or European Union Identity card).

If you are homeless or of no fixed abode, then although it is helpful to have photo ID you can register without any.

Any other ID such as an HC2 Certificate, Rough Sleepers’ Identity badge, Hostel registration or mail forwarding letter would also be helpful but again we will register you even if you don’t have these. As we know it is more important that you can access health care when you need it.

If you are unsure on how to register, please ask at reception and they can help you to complete the registration process.

Do you care for someone who could not manage without you or are you someone that is cared for?
If yes, please see resources for our carers.

How to Register your New Baby

You need to register your new baby at the practice as soon as possible. Therefore please complete a GMS1 Registration Form and send it to your surgery. Please ensure you provide your baby’s NHS Number which will be detailed in their Red Book. Once we have received the form we will register your baby as a patient at this Practice.

The Practice will send you an appointment for your new baby’s 8 week check and first immunisations. This is a 15 minute appointment with the Doctor for the check followed by a 20 minute appointment with the Practice Nurse for immunisations. Please remember to bring the red book. If you cannot make this appointment you must notify reception as soon as possible. Please be advised that if you do need to cancel, the next available appointment may be anything up to 2 weeks after that date.

The postnatal check for new Mothers is now optional. Therefore, if you would like to book an appointment to see the doctor and discuss any issues or concerns that you may have then please contact the surgery to make a routine appointment.

Temporary Residents

The doctors are happy to see patients who are temporarily resident in the Practice area should medical advice be required. In this instance persons wishing to be treated should state that they are a temporary resident when reporting to reception.

To register you will need to bring your passport and complete our Temporary Resident Registration form which is available from reception.

Non-urgent advice: Change of Personal Details

If you change your name, address or telephone number at any time whilst you are registered at the practice please let us know as soon as possible so we can update our records. How to tell us about a change name, address or contact details.